Government of the people, by the people, and      
for the people, shall not perish from the earth  
-Abraham Lincoln,  "The Gettysburg Address"


If elected, Fred Balzac hopes to help implement an ambitious platform of objectives and programs, working together with Supervisor Randall Douglas and the other members of the Town Council. “My goals for the Town of Jay can be summed up in one phrase—‘Keep the Town of Jay beautiful—and affordable!’” Fred says.

They include the following:

• Providing honest, fair, and balanced representation for all residents of the Town of Jay regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, class, residence, or political affiliation

• Help the town recover from Irene flooding while maintaining essential services

• Launching a “Buy Local” campaign to help local businesses survive and prosper and bring added value to Jay residents as consumers

• Encouraging new locally owned businesses to meet unmet needs not currently served by existing businesses in town

• Investigate prospects for bringing back to our town a Chamber of Commerce, including the Black Brook side of Au Sable Forks and possibly extending throughout the Ausable Valley from Keeseville to Wilmington and Keene

• Sparking a town-wide conversation on the need for a comprehensive zoning and flood protection plan (“One concern here is an outside developer coming in and raising our property taxes,” Fred states)

• Helping the Town of Jay “go green”

• Making public safety a priority, including support for the Au Sable Forks, Jay, and Upper Jay Fire Departments and the Au Sable Forks Ambulance Squad; investigating a speed bump or reduction in speed limit at the Rte. 9N/Springfield Road intersection

• Promoting our town’s 3 arts centers, our local artists and cultural life, our 2 libraries, and our town’s history in a systematic way that will strengthen our local economy

• Ensuring that the needs and interests of all hamlets and neighborhoods in our town—including Upper Jay, Jay, Au Sable Forks, Ausable Acres, North Jay, and the Glen—are duly represented

• Asking the tough questions as a first step in finding solutions, like “Who will benefit by this action?” and “Will it strengthen our community?”

• Maintaining and extending the Town of Jay ’s current commitment to open, accessible, and transparent government

VOTE for Fred Balzac for Town Councilperson * Keep the Town of Jay beautiful—
                                                                                     and affordable!