Some men see things as they are and ask 'Why?'    
I dream things that never were and ask 'Why not?" 
-Robert F. Kennedy

An Open Letter to Town of Jay residents:

   My name is Fred Balzac and I am a candidate for Town Council because I want to give more townspeople a say in how our town is run.

   A resident of Jay for more than 20 years, I moved here with my wife, Kathy, drawn to the sheer beauty of the place. But we also soon learned the other great characteristic of the Town of Jay : its people. We established a business here, The Book & Blanket Bed & Breakfast, now in its 21st year, and raised our son, Samuel, here from birth through high school. His success in school and in the wider community we believe is due, in large part, to the wonderful people we know and have learned so much from in Jay and our region. (It takes a village to raise a child indeed—& what a village we have!)

   It was the great people we met early on in Jay, like the late Carlos Straight and Ardelle Ubriacco, who encouraged Kathy and me (and eventually Sam) to get involved. Here is a list of some of the things I’ve done in town—all of them as a volunteer:

• Initiated and worked closely in 1999-2000 with the late Tom Douglas and then his successor, the late Dot Madden, to launch the first town Website

• Initiated and worked with Supervisor Randy Douglas & the town on establishing the first Community Garden , coauthoring a grant that received $4500 of a possible $5000 in funding

• Appointed by Supervisor Tom O’Neill to the county bed tax committee; served briefly as Chair

• Former board member and long-time volunteer for JEMS; as acting Treasurer, kept the finances on track at a critical period in the funding and construction of the JEMS building

• As co-founder & president of Bridge & Beyond, worked to preserve the Jay Covered Bridge & protect the rapids & swimming area, leading to multi-million funding for the bridge’s restoration

• Took initial steps this year toward helping organize a town Taxpayers Association—an effort I aim to continue regardless of the outcome on November 5th.

Please contact me at (518) 946-7861 or for more details on my background, campaign & goals for our town. Here are some of my goals:

• Focus on SMART economic growth while preserving the beauty of our town’s environment—through efforts such as a “Buy Local” campaign to help town businesses survive & prosper; sparking a town-wide conversation on the need for a comprehensive zoning plan (my main concern here is an outside developer coming in and raising our property taxes); helping the town and residents “Go Green”—e.g., by seeking grants & other opportunities for renewable energy; supporting more spending for our 2 libraries, as engines of economic growth; promoting our 3 arts centers, local artists & cultural life and history & scenic beauty toward strengthening our local economy; and keeping taxes down while maintaining essential services

• Look into how property assessments were handled this year and work to ensure that ALL residents are treated fairly and courteously in future property re-evaluations

• Support keeping our 2nd Town Justice or work to restore the 2nd office if eliminated on Oct. 16th

• Ask the tough questions as a first step in finding solutions, like “Will it strengthen our community?”; be independent & never be afraid to cast the lone vote for what I believe in

• Above all, work for a more open, transparent & proactive town board that puts YOUR needs and concerns before any other interests—because I’ll be there to represent YOU!

These are just a few ideas that I hope to be talking with you about as I campaign, but I also want to hear from YOU. Together, we CAN make a difference! Thank you!

Vote GREEN Party*Vote INDEPENDENT: Tax Fairness Party line*Nov. 5th 6 am-9 pm


Elect Fred Balzac to the Town Council

Green Party (Row D) • Independent: Tax Fairness Party (Row G)

A Truly Progressive Voice for the Town of  Jay

Election Day 2013

November 5th 
6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Election District #1 (Upper Jay/Jay):  Amos & Julia   Ward   Theatre ,

Jay Village Green, Hamlet of Jay

Election District #2 (Au Sable Forks): Town of  Jay Community  Center,

11 School Lane , Au Sable Forks

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